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December 20, 2014



The Apprenticeship Committee has decided not to accept applications at this time. With nearly 100 prequalified applicants on our waiting list, the committee as decided to use the existing pool of applicants for our 2015 student class. Applications are only accepted on an "As Needed"  basis.



In the future, when applying, you will be required to bring:

1.) A copy of your High School Diploma or GED

2.) Sealed Transcripts from your high school showing that you have taken at least a year of high school algebra with a passing grade of "C" or better. (One semester of college Algebra with a minimum "C" grade is also acceptable.)

3.) A vaild Driver's License or Photo Identification

4.) If your diploma and transcripts are from a different country (not USA) you will be required to have them reviewed (at your cost) by a recognized company that can interpret foreign educational programs to determine the education you have received is of an equivalent level to what is required by our program. Your evaluation report must be in compliance with guidelines set forth by the National Council on the Evaluation of Foreign Educational Credentials. (See the link on the right hand side of this webpage)

Continuing Education Courses 
We will be listing upcoming classes on this website. Check on the left hand side, look under Member Resources: JW ContEd Info:Drop-down Menu ~ Click on NIGHT-Time Cont. Ed Calendar

Please Note-  all payments for Continuing Education courses and any purchases at the JATC office must be paid by either Credit Card or Debit Card. The office will no longer accept checks or cash. 

You can view our upcoming classes in your local LU180 Newsletter and the classes are usually posted on the JW Continuing Education cork board in our Lobby.                                                   

(Requirement for Night Classes is 6 students minimum or class is canceled)

Green Technologies taught at the JATC

Advanced Lighting Control

A recent award of 2.9 million dollars in stimulus money has been awarded to the twenty Electrical JATC programs in the State of California. These funds will be shared beween the programs to teach, educate and certify electricians in advanced lighting control. While Solar and Wind grab most of the headlines in energy efficiency, experts predict the biggest gains will come from energy conservation through reduced energy consumption. Retrofitting the many commerical and industrial buildings in our state with these advanced lighting control products will help reduce energy usage.

The major energy suppliers in the state are required to find ways to reduce energy consumption and are looking to partner with CALCTP certified electrical contractors to achieve this goal. It has been estimated that 2,100 electricians with CALCTP certifications will be needed to complete the estimated 32 billion dollars in potential work this retrofitting could generate. Details in future training opportunities in advanced lighting control will be forthcoming later this year.

Wind Generation Installations

Unlike many parts of the country, we are fortunate to have this work in our area. It has been estimated that there will be over 400  Megawatts of new electrical wind generation machines (windmills) to be installed in the not too distant future.

The NJATC has created a new curriculum for training in this emerging field. Signup sheets are available in our Training Center for this upcoming continuing education course.


Solar training has become one of our most popular continuing education courses. We have currently trained over 175 journeymen and apprentices in this growing field. Signups for spring and summer classes will soon be posted in our Training Center.

Night-Time Scheduled Classes 

(See our continuing education night time calendar)

What's New at Solano-Napa JATC 180
Craft Certification Booths

This year, the JATC committee, with the help of the Electrical Contractors Trust and Rosendin Electric, have constructed two new Craft Certification booths on the upper level of the warehouse. The purpose of these booths is to provide "hands on" training to all apprentices and journeymen seeking to increase their skills and knowledge with regard to electrical installation methods. Craft Certification allows the apprentice to test through six levels of knowledge and skills as they progress through their apprenticeship.

Another valuable use for these booths is to enable the Local #180 Exam Board to test potential organized electricians to assess their respective skill levels prior to entry into the Local membership. The Ninth District of the IBEW has created a series of "hands on" tests that accompany the written test they administer to allow the Exam Board to fully understand the strengths and potential weaknesses of the organized electrician so that they may place the electrician in the proper catagory  such as; Inside Wireman, CW, CE, or placement into the apprenticeship program.

If you are interested in seeing the booths, stop by the JATC office and we'll be glad to show them to you.

Solar Training Station

For complete "hands on training" the JATC has constructed a Mobile Solar Training Station.

Check out our Photo Gallery ~ Solar Trainer for more pictures.

Solano-Napa JATC
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